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Stacking views in SwiftUI

Published on 06 Jun 2019
Discover page available: SwiftUI

SwiftUI ships with 3 main stack types — that enable you to easily align content on either the X, Y, or Z axis. And, since all SwiftUI views are composable, they can also be nested in order to build really complex UIs:

The above will result in a view which content looks like this:

struct MyView: View {
    var body: some View {
        // A ZStack stacks its child views on top of each other
        // in terms of depth, from back to front.
        ZStack {
            // A VStack stacks its child views vertically, from
            // top to bottom.
            VStack {
                // The ForEach construct enables you to create
                // multiple views in one go, for example by
                // mapping a collection of elements to views.
                ForEach(0..<5) { _ in
                    // A HStack aligns its child views horizontally,
                    // from the leading to the trailing edge.
                    HStack {