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Sponsor: Stream

Published on 05 Apr 2021

My thanks to Stream for sponsoring Swift by Sundell last week. Stream is an open source SDK that makes it easy to add social features, like messaging and activity feeds, to your iOS, Android, or web app.

Not only can Stream help you implement such social features much quicker than if you were to build them completely from scratch, but all of the tools that they provide are also backed by enterprise-grade server infrastructure that scales smoothly based on your app’s needs.

Of course, Stream fully supports all of the main features that users have come to expect from modern social experiences — such as the ability to react to and comment on posts, share images and other files, threaded conversations, both AI-powered and manual moderation, and much more.

So if you’re planning to add social features to either a new or existing application, then I really recommend checking out Stream before taking on the huge amount of work that’s required to build those kinds of features from scratch. It’s completely free to get started, plus, if you use this link to check out Stream, then you’ll also directly support Swift by Sundell in the process.