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Sponsor: Architecting SwiftUI apps with MVC and MVVM

Published on 10 May 2021

Thanks a lot to Matteo Manferdini for sponsoring Swift by Sundell last week to promote his SwiftUI guide “Architecting SwiftUI apps with MVC and MVVM”. The guide is completely free to download, and contains lots of practical tips and examples on how to setup robust architectures for SwiftUI-based apps.

Rather than just promoting a single architectural pattern as a “silver bullet”-style solution, Matteo’s guide instead discusses the pros and cons of various approaches, including how to adopt traditionally object-oriented concepts (like controllers) to the declarative world of SwiftUI, the role of view models, and much more.

It also contains tips and advice around many other general coding principles (such as separation of concerns), and each technique is neatly explained using code samples, screenshots and flow charts.

Get the guide for free right here, and just by downloading Matteo’s free guide you’ll also directly help support Swift by Sundell as well.