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Sponsor: Instabug

Published on 14 Dec 2020

Thanks a lot to Instabug for sponsoring Swift by Sundell last week, which really helped me cross the finishing line of 200 weeks of consecutively published articles.

Instabug is not only my favorite crash reporter for iOS apps (I’ve used it in several projects, and it has always been fantastic!), it also includes a wide range of other features that can help you keep track of your app’s overall quality.

For example, two of their recently added features are Application Performance Monitoring and the Apdex score. The former automatically provides you with concrete performance metrics around things like app launch times, UI responsiveness, and networking speed, while the latter gives you a single, unified score that you can use to measure and improve your app’s performance over time.

Using both of those two features, and everything else that Instabug has to offer, makes it so much easier to identify regressions, to fix bugs and errors, and to constantly iterate on an app’s quality and performance.

Check out Instabug today by going to When using that URL, you also directly help support Swift by Sundell as well.