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Sponsor: Emerge

Published on 01 Mar 2021

My thanks to the team behind the new app size monitoring tool Emerge for sponsoring Swift by Sundell last week. If you’re looking to optimize your app’s binary size, or if you’re just curious as to how much smaller your app could become with a few tweaks, then I can really recommend checking out Emerge.

Not only does Emerge seamlessly integrate with both GitHub and fastlane to show you how each Pull Request will impact your app’s total size, it also gives you direct, actionable suggestions on how you can reduce that size over time. From detecting excess image metadata, to identifying unused code-level symbols, duplicate files, and more — Emerge will help you optimize your app in many different ways, which in turn will make it faster and easier to download.

See just how much smaller you could make your app’s binary by setting up a quick demo with the Emerge team at And, when you use that referral link, you’ll also directly support Swift by Sundell in the process — win-win!