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Sponsor: Bitrise

Published on 08 Mar 2021

Thanks a lot to Bitrise for sponsoring Swift by Sundell last week. Bitrise is one of my longest-running sponsors, and it’s been my preferred continuous integration service for years. Using Bitrise, I’m able to super easily set up automatic testing and deployment for both my open source projects, and for the apps that I work on as a freelancer.

Bitrise now also features a powerful add-on system, which is continuously expanded with new extensions that you can add to your Bitrise workflows with just a few clicks. For example, their Test reports add-on lets you see the results of all of your automatic tests on a single dashboard, the Ship add-on enables you to automate your deployments to both TestFlight and the App Store, and Trace is a new add-on that adds crash reporting and performance monitoring to your app — completely automatically!

Each of these add-ons naturally extend Bitrise’s existing workflows by using the same steps and configurations that are used during the continuous integration process. For example, simply add an Xcode Archive step to your workflow to have Bitrise archive your app for release, and you’ll then be able to easily deploy those archives using Ship.

Ship and Trace are currently in beta, but well-worth checking out regardless. Start by creating your free Bitrise account at (just by doing that, you’ll directly help support Swift by Sundell, by the way), add an app that you’re working on to it, and you’ll be able to start exploring their easy-to-use continuous integration workflows, and their new suite of add-ons, within minutes.