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Welcome to Swift by Sundell 3.0

Published on 16 Dec 2020

Today I’m incredibly excited to launch the next major version of this site, which features a brand new start page, a new article publishing format, simplified navigation, and many other smaller tweaks and improvements.

On December 13th, I published my 200th and final weekly article. While I really enjoyed working on that article series for almost four years straight, going forward, I’m going to use a much more flexible publishing format. Rather than sticking to a strict weekly cadence, you’ll now frequently see new articles posted that’ll both include my signature deep dives into different Swift topics, but also shorter posts, links, news stories, and more. I’m also planning to start remastering older articles with new code samples and updates for later Swift versions and new system APIs.

To match this new publishing frequency, I’ve completely redesigned this site’s start page, which now features a feed-like design that lets you easily browse the latest content, and I’ve updated the article section page to include all of my articles — regardless of series, format, or length.

I think that this new format will be a huge upgrade for Swift by Sundell, and will let me publish new kinds of articles that didn’t really fit into the previous weekly series. Hopefully, that’ll continue to make this site an even richer resource for the Swift community, and for iOS and Mac developers of all skill levels.

So now is a great time to subscribe to this site through RSS and to follow @swiftbysundell on Twitter, to get notified when new articles are posted. I’ll take some time off during the holidays, but I’ll be back in January 2021 with lots of new articles, podcasts, and videos, and just like always, everything on this site will remain 100% free for everyone.

Thanks for reading, and hope you’ll enjoy this new version of Swift by Sundell!

Here’s everything that’s new in version 3.0: