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Contact me

If you have comments, questions or feedback about my work — you’re more than welcome to contact me. I love hearing from both readers of this site and listeners of my podcast.

While I read every single email and tweet that I get, I do get quite a lot of them, so I’m afraid that (even if I really want to) I’m not able to reply to everyone.

I always prioritize answering questions that are directly about my work, and I’m usually not able to find the time to solve arbitrary code problems (for that I recommend posting to a Q&A site like StackOverflow, or a forum like the Swift or Apple Developer forums).

If you’re looking for an article about a specific topic, then I recommend using this site’s search feature, or checking out the tags page — and if you’re looking for any open source code of mine, you can find all of my open source projects on my GitHub profile. If you’re looking to become a sponsor, or want to read more about the sponsorship program — check out my sponsorship page.

I really wish I could reply to everyone, and help solve any problem that you might’ve encountered, but I’m afraid it’s simply not possible — even though I’m devoting the vast majority of my time to working for the Swift developer community. So please don’t take it personally if I don’t reply to your message, but I promise you I’ll do my very best to do so.

Thanks for understanding, and I look forward to hearing from you!

— John